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When Should You Opt for Professional Rug Cleaning?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your rug, be it a valuable Persian rug or a cozy shag rug, can be a time-consuming endeavor. Even with regular vacuuming, there’s a build-up of dust in the rug that standard vacuums can’t eliminate. If you have pets, issues like urine and odors can mar the appearance of your rug, creating an unkempt look in your home. The expert rug cleaning services at Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Manhattan offer a swift and cost-effective solution to restore your rugs to a clean state. We are highly acclaimed for our rug cleaning services in Manhattan, coupled with friendly customer service. Whether your rug requires a steam cleaning to eliminate dust and soil or a deep cleaning to tackle stubborn pet stains and odors, contact Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Manhattan for the premier cleaning service in Manhattan. Dial (718) 680-0563 today for a free quote. With complimentary pick-up and delivery, our competitors can’t match our service or prices. If you reside in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens, same-day service is available if slots permit.

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Thorough Inspection Before RugCleaning

Prior to commencing the cleaning process for your rug, we at Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Manhattan conduct a meticulous inspection. Each rug undergoes careful scrutiny, allowing us to design a cleaning process that not only delivers optimal results but also ensures the rug’s integrity is maintained throughout the cleaning. Rigorous testing is performed to guarantee that our cleaning solution won’t lead to dye bleeding or fading. This is particularly crucial for Persian or Oriental rugs, as their handmade plant-based dyes are susceptible to damage from overly potent cleaning solutions. In cases where pets have urinated on the rug, our pre-inspection identifies problem areas requiring specialized attention and treatment.

Our Rugs Cleaning Process

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC believes in a cleaning process that begins and concludes with the use of gentle detergents and cutting-edge cleaning equipment. The initial step involves employing a mechanical rug beating machine to eliminate loose dirt, ensuring as much dirt as possible is removed before immersion in our cleaning pools.

Once submerged, the rug undergoes a process where dirt and stains are loosened from the fibers and subsequently eliminated through hand or machine brushing, depending on the rug’s composition. Handmade silk rugs, for instance, are delicately hand-brushed due to the sensitivity of silk fibers to water. Thicker wool or machine-made rugs are efficiently cleaned with a buffing machine, providing deep penetration into the pile. Shag rugs, in particular, witness remarkable results with this method.

Following a thorough rinsing, the rug emerges dust and allergen-free. In cases of urine presence, the rug undergoes multiple rinses until fully flushed. Subsequently, a specialized rug centrifuge is employed to remove water and expedite drying times. The final step involves hanging the rugs to dry in our custom-built, temperature, and humidity-controlled drying room. Post-drying, we conduct a rigorous inspection to ensure the rug meets our cleaning standards. If it falls short, we undertake a re-cleaning at no additional cost.

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Typically, cleaning a rug is not a task that yields impressive results when attempted at home. If you’re seeking the optimal way to clean a rug within the confines of your home, turn to Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Manhattan for assistance. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll provide the cleaning expertise necessary to maintain the beauty and allure of your rug, ensuring it remains as stunning as the day it adorned your home. While numerous services offer carpet and rug cleaning in Manhattan, opt for Fantastic Carpet Cleaning to experience exceptional results. Our services extend to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Long Island. Call us at (718) 680-0563 to schedule your appointment for a complimentary on-site consultation. If you require carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, we’re here to assist.

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